Landscape is mainly divided into two parts that is Hard Landscape and Soft Landscape. Plant plays an important role in soft landscape. Good soft landscape development depends on plants’ development. So that Selection of plants for specific garden is very important. Selection of plants for the specific garden is depends on many things. Sequence of making plant list for the specific garden is very important too.

Making a plant list:

To make a list of plant which grows well in a particular garden we have to consider soil type, water quality, temperature, availability of light. Plants should be capable to sustain in the specific condition of that particular garden.

After making a specific list of the plant according to the above condition we should consider our likings within this list of the plant. But out of this list if we try to add other plants than it is difficult to grow it well. For example if we select sub-tropical or tropical species and plant it into temperate region than it will not sustain the climatic condition of that temperate region.

Now there is an important question that will this all plant grow at every spots of that garden? Well the answer is it will grow but will not give good result at every spots and the reason behind this is availability of light at that particular spot. Different plants requires different amount of light to grow. Some will grow in full sun light (around 6 hrs full Sun.) some will grow well in semi shade condition (morning hour around 2 hrs full Sun.) while some grows will shade (no direct sun light). Though without light plant is difficult to live.

Barmuda grass (English Grass ) grow well in full sun. But it is difficult to sustain in shade or say less than 4 hrs. of direct sun light will create slow growth of the barmuda grass. So for tropical and sub-tropical areas Barmuda grass is good but for specific garden places where less sun light is there [for example below tree, south- east near building area] we have to use Stenotaphrum green or zoysia grass – Korean carpet grass.

Generally plants that needs more sun light grows well in open places of North side of the particular garden. Where obstruction of building will make no effect to plants according to light is concern. But if same plant planted under a tree or in shady condition than it is difficult to grow it well. Some of the Plants that grow well in semi shade condition in sub-tropical zone are Rhaphis palm, Dracaena, syngonium (semi shade as well shade loving plant), Aralias(semi shade as well shade loving plant), Song of India, Money plant, Aglaonema, philodendron, schefflera, Rhoeo, Ribbon grass, Dinella, Setcrecia.

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