Landscape Garden Plant Selection

Landscape Garden Plant Selection

Without any doubt, plants are the foundation of our outdoor environment. The different types of plant species and the variation of cultivars and varieties make creative and appealing landscape compositions. Plant selection for Landscape development is a very critical criteria because of number of reasons. The for most criteria is the Ornamental appeal of the plant for the specific area, than subsidiary things like to serve a specific function or to serve a purpose in the landscape, like providing a screen, blocking unwanted views, restrict soil erosion, grooming shady area.


Looking good or aesthetic plant certainly justifies the for most criteria of selection, but the value of a plant may go far beyond aesthetic appeal. Considering the Site situation i.e., Climatic condition, Soil texture and nutritive capacity of the soil, Water availability and quality of the water. Landscaper has to finalize the overall list (Broad list) of plants in which it covers various trees plants, variety of palms, Shade loving plants, Ornamental bushy plants, Shrubs for open area, Ground covers and season wise annuals. A helpful adage to make broad list is “Don’t fight the site.” If you test or challenge Mother Nature and pick a plant that does not match your site conditions, there is a good chance that it will fail. The other thing is if we plan to plant from broad list for the particular site than chances of good performance will definitely increase and healthy plant will always increase
the aesthetic value of the site. Before making broad list of plants one has to consider post maintenance criteria of the site.

Selection of the plant for specific area decoration from broad list is work of an artist who has kno

wedge of the plant growth habit. Sometimes wrong selection gives result that after period of plantation back side plants will not be visible due to

front side over grown plants. Selection of the plant should be in such a way that site should look groom in all seasons. That means one should select plants in a balance so every time balance things be in bloom. Many a times some garden made
in such a way that it comes in bloom in winter with almost all varieties of plant but the same will become like barren in summer. Proper combination of color is also an important criteria. Green color is a color which provides coolness to eyes but only green garden look likes a monotonous garden.

At the time of planting if we plant sun growing plants with trees than after few years as tree grows below shrubs will not perform well because of shade of the grown tree. So instead of plant fully sun growing one has to select semi shade plants or plants that can be transplanted easily.

Selection of plant for an area is so interesting that when it grows it gives glamour to the area because of its color, texture, levels, shapes and never the less arrangement of the species. Within the period of maintenance there should be a list of annuals which should be regularly planted in carpet space where after season over we can plant the carpet.

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