Tips to create Garden on Terrace

Terrace Gardening

Development of garden on no complete earth or on concrete is a basic description of  Terrace Gardening.

Why Terrace Gardening?

Terrace is very comfortable   place to organised group seating, small get to gather and a place you can seat and feel calmness but if this comfortable place becomes a cozy place than it will add a feather in the above points of terrace utility.  Terrace gardening is a concept which arrives to create this cozy atmosphere on terrace.   In present scenario  due to increase in population establishment of  multi-story buildings is more and also ground space is getting less so,  the concept of terrace gardening is very much in demand.  Now a day societies are making basement for parking and above parking space they wish to develop garden is also same as terrace garden.

How Terrace Garden differs from normal ground garden?

Garden is a beautification of a space, Normally Garden space is direct earth while Terrace garden is a creation of garden on concrete. Means limited depth of earth is available to grow plants.

So to drain extra water which comes on concrete thru leaching is a big technical matter. If this water doesn’t drain than it creates fungal infection to the plant root as well it also creates water leakage problem thru concrete.

Vegetation that we use should not be Deep and hard rooted on terrace garden.  They are not able to grow long and yet can damage to the place. With this the Plant should be soft and shallow rooted. Soil mixture  should be light in weight as well able to retain required moisture and release unwanted water. Now a days cockpit, perlite and silt is a main filler with compost. Synthetically made Geo textile fabric is a filter of excess water towards   drain cell and the fabric do not allow soil mixture to drain out yet.

Even if we use greed pavers on terrace it creates a good texture of grass and yet develop a hardy space. Creation of some vertical space is also a value addition in the terrace garden .

Ornamentation by Sculptures and Water bodies with glare of the light really adds the real glamour on terrace garden.

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